About Me

My name is Shelly. I’m the author of Mythic Mashups™ – fantasies about mythical characters mashed up in all genres, such as fantasy, weird fiction, science fiction, paranormal fantasy, and more. Currently, I’m working on Morpheus Mashups and will soon start a series on Robin Hood! I reimagine these characters, take what little is known from history, and turn them into something completely new.

I am an offbeat, but ordinary, middle-aged single mom. I’m also a veteran and a cat mom. I used to read over a hundred books a year and reviewed books for another blog. Then, I started writing. Now, I read less. But, I love writing. Yay!

Here you will find poetry, flash fiction, the stories of the Greek God Morpheus, and other original work. I may also blog about music, mental illness, or whatever is on my mind.

I like kind people. I believe in encouraging and lifting others up instead of tearing them down. I am not interested in popularity contests or cliques. I believe that creativity should not be controlled or limited by committee or Twitter trends.

Thank you for visiting.